Centro Attori La Contemporanea, Italy
November 29 14:00 - National Theatre of Cluj, Euphorion Studio - Tickets
1h 15’ without intermission

Directed and played by MARIO MATTIA GIORGETTI

Set- and costume designer: Tiziana Gagliardi
Translation: Sanda Visan

An unusual Casanova is staged, one who speaks about his past, revealing details of a peculiar life nearing its end. He is tired and ill, and the mask he has worn for so long has become blurred. The young, but highly acclaimed Tuscan director, Stefano Massini, presents a Casanova who turns to his scribe in order to live something beyond a life of love, passion, intrigues, disappointments and folly – something more than empty and distant memories.

I wanted to stage a strong, yet fragile Casanova, a childish, yet evil Casanova, a thief and benefactor, someone who is playing Casanova, but who is also playing for Casanova, with his own fears – in one word: a human being. Another artist’s journey accompanies Casanova’s: the short and tormented life of Mozart, a key figure from the end of the 18th century.
Mario Mattia Giorgetti

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