Queen Mary Theatre, Romania
November 26 16:00 - Remarul 16 februarie Factory - Tickets
November 26 22:00 - Remarul 16 februarie Factory - Tickets
1h 30’ without intermission

Script by Gavriil Pinte, with texts by George Banu and Monique Borie

Lear: Șerban Borda
Gloucester: George Voinese
Goneril: Angela Tanko
Regan: Anda Tămășanu
Cordelia: Georgia Căprărin
Fool: Mirela Lupu
Edgar: Ciprian Ciuciu
Edmund: Alin Stanciu
Kent: Sebastian Lupu
Attendant 1: George Dometi
Attendant 2: Vali V. Popescu
And: Carina Bunea, Ionuţ Şerban, Toni Nica, Bogdan Balota


Set design: Roxana Ionescu
Music: Gavriil Pinte

In the Heart of the Night – Lear Episode takes off from the Shakespearean drama. A king is determining to give up his power and divide his realm amongst his three daughters, but before making a decision, he asks his daughters to describe their love towards him. As a consequence of their proofs of affection, he decides to exile his youngest daughter because of her sincere and natural account. Later his older daughters repudiate him, and he is left alone to wander around with a mind disturbed by excessive suffering. This play builds around the subject matter a performance about the night of the mind, the night of straying; about a world which is drifting away from rationality and love, and is being anchored in hate, violence, conspiracy, exile, alienation, and crime. At the end of the night, there is a fervent search for a road to light.


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