Schauspiel Stuttgart, Germany & Radu Stanca National Theatre, Romania
November 25 19:00 - Main Hall - Tickets
2h 30’ with intermission

Susanne Böwe
Paul Grill
Cristina Juks
Sandra Gerling
Horst Kotterba
Peter Kurth
Ofelia Popii
Ciprian Scurtea
Maria Tomoiagă
Alexandru Udrea
Marius Mihalache

Directed by ARMIN PETRAS

Set designer: Dragoş Buhagiar
Costumes: Katja Strohschneider
Original music: Marius Mihalache
Music and sound designer: Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel
Video: Rebecca Riedel
Choreographer: Berit Jentzsch
Dramaturg: Verena Elisabet Eitel
Lighting: Gregor Roth

In a unique gesture of tolerance, Lessing has the wise Jew Nathan advocate an unprejudiced and respectful parallel existence for all religions. At the end of the piece, it turns out that the Jewish girl Recha, Nathan’s adopted daughter, the Christian Templar, and the Moslem Saladin are all members of the same family. This dramatic turn of events allows Lessing to eliminate the dispute among religions and achieve reconciliation within newly created family bonds. But only provisionally: Lessing’s construct is quickly overtaken by bitter reality. Then, as now, religious constructions of reality and worldviews seem to clash incompatibly with one another; they discharge in daily terror and excessive violence.
In a mixed ensemble from the Schauspiel Stuttgart and the Radu Stanca National Theatre Sibiu, the piece searches for the causes of conflict and a vision of a contemporary enlightened idea. In the confusion of languages – each actor speaks in his or her mother tongue – political and private arguments clash, and identities are taken on and reassigned. Communication and understanding are revealed as the key to peaceful co–existence in dialogue on stage – their failure opens the path to battlegrounds of Babylonian chaos.


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