The morning discussion on Thursday began with a review of the story of the Lux Boreal dance company, followed by an analysis of the previous night's performance. Henry Torres said that the situation is more or less the same everywhere: Lamb is a challenge to spectators, but every performance is a challenge to the dancers too – it is about an uncomfortable, disturbing rite.

On Tuesday morning, December 2, there were meetings with the audience and a book presentation at the TIFF House, while the seminar of the young theatre critics was also continued. In the evening, the audience was able to see Ionesco’s The New Tenant, produced by Bucharest's Nottara Theatre in the Studio built in the Main Hall, while Diary of a Madman produced by the ArCuB Cultural Centre, also from Bucharest, was presented in the new Studio.

Following the usual post-performance meeting with the audience in the morning, the English edition of the private theatrical dictionary of Gábor Tompa, Label Curtain. A Private Theatrical Dictionary (Bookart Publishing), was presented at Tranzit House at 3 pm. The book was originally published in Hungarian in 2010.

The first weekend of the Interferences Festival was rich with exhibitions at the Fine Arts Museum and the IAGA – International Art Gallery Angels, jazz-concerts, book-presentations, workshops and discussions.

The fourth Interferences Festival, organized under the motto “stories of the body”, kicked off with a celebratory opening and two performances on Wednesday, November 26. As Gábor Tompa welcomed the audience in three languages, The Merchant of Venice, a performance by Habima Theatre, was already underway in the Studio. The Enemy of the People, a performance by Berlin's Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz and directed by Thomas Ostermeier, was presented in the Main Hall right after the opening ceremony. Contrary to practice, both performances were presented on Friday also.

The Interferences International Theatre Festival opens on Wednesday, November 26. The press conference preceding the Festival began unconventionally with a flashmob of first and second year students from the Theatre and Film Department of Babes-Bolyai University. The flashmob, based on the Festival's motto, "stories of the body", was created by the students with the direction of actress Enikő Györgyjakab.

During the Interferences International Theatre Festival, choreographer and director Josef Nadj and South-Korean actor Jaram Lee will lead workshops connected to the festival’s theme, stories of the body.

The program of the 4th edition of the INTERFERENCES International Theatre Festivalorganized biannually by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, has just  been announced. Twenty-one companies from fourteen countries have been invited to the theatre event which runs November 26 - December 7, 2014. The motto of this year's Festival is "stories of the body". The theme speaks about how we, as humans, are often preoccupied by our own ephemerality, housed in bodies which have over the years been worshipped, glorified, dishonored, destroyed, imprisoned, or liberated, said Gábor Tompa, artistic director of the Festival.
The motto of this year's INTERFERENCES Festival is "stories of the body". Help us find some of these 
Prepare with us for this year's FESTIVAL by:
‒ paying attention to bodies around you;
‒ noticing their stories;
‒ taking a picture that tells the story of a body;
‒ sharing with us.
The accepted pictures will be featured in an online and offline exhibition and the creator of the best 
photo will receive an INTERFERENCES GRAND ticket package. 
The International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC), in partnership with the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, is organizing a seminar for young theatre critics duringthe INTERFERENCES International Theatre Festivalfrom November 29 - December 5, 2014.

The Union of Theatres of Europe (UTE) is launching a three year program under the title CONFLICT ZONES which aims to explore conflicts that have influenced the European mentality since the First World War.

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