Robert Icke after Sophocles: OEDIPUS

Hungarian Theatre of Cluj (Romania)
November 18 18:00 - Main StageTickets
2h 30’ without intermission
In Hungarian with Romanian and English subtitles.
Age recommendation: 18+

Hungarian translation by László Upor

Oedipus: Ervin Szűcs
Jocasta: Emőke Kató
Creon: Miklós Bács
Merope: Tekla Tordai
Teiresias: Gábor Viola
Antigone: Zsuzsa Tőtszegin
Eteocles: Zsolt Gedő
Polyneices: Tamás Kiss 
Corin: Áron Dimény
Lichas: Eszter Román
Driver: Alpár Fogarasi 
Young Oedipus: Zsolt Gedő / Tamás Kiss
Laios: Gábor Viola / Lóránd Váta
One child: Ádám Ferencz 
Secret agent: László Kovács
Little Girls at the Hotel: Eszter Román, Helga Dávid, Réka Zongor
Band: Gábor Bajusz
(drum), Szabolcs Balla (bass), Viktor Dubovan (keyboard), Loránd Farkas (vocal), László Kovács (guitar), Gábor Viola (guitar, vocals)

Direction and lighting design by Andrei Șerban
Dramaturg, director's collaborator: Dana Dima
Set and costume design: Carmencita Brojboiu
Designer's assistant: Gyopár Bocskai
Video: Radu Daniel
Director's assistant: Kinga Kovács
Stage manager: Réka Zongor

Since the beginning, both audience and artists have been fascinated by Oedipus: the story of a man who, in his success, exceeded limits, only to find out that he had crossed the most fundamental of boundaries in doing so. (...) Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. Everyone deviates from the plan. But what do we do when our mistakes have been made before? What if our mistakes are the plan? What if those mistakes can no longer be undone? What is our fate? Are we merely the actors in a script that has already been written? By our parents? By the gods? By our own bodies? How can we see through ourselves enough to stop before it is too late? How can we ever know ourselves well enough? 

Robert Icke


We travel back in time with Oedipus to find out the truth, to discover who he is. At first he arrogantly thinks he knows everything, that he will give people the solution to the past and the future, yet in the end he realizes he knows nothing. It was all an illusion and a lie, and that somehow makes us all wonder who we are, what our identity is, why we were born, where we are going. These are questions that, like Oedipus, we can all ask ourselves... 

Andrei Șerban

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