Reactor de creație și experiment (Cluj - Napoca, Romania)
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Duration: 2h
In Romanian with English subtitles.
Available: 24 hours
Age recommendation: 14+

Alexandra Caras
Cătălin Filip
Oana Mardare
Alina Mișoc
Emőke Pál
Paul Sebastian Popa,
Lucian Teodor Rus
Doru Taloș

Directing and script: LETA POPESCU
Scenography: Lucia Mărneanu
Stage movement: Farid Fairuz
Sound atmosphere: Oana Hodade
Video collage: Doru Vatavului
Directing assistance and musical training: Dominik M. Iabloncic

When a family’s members live completely different lives, the border between what is correct and what is incorrect becomes very thin. It resembles the place where the Danube river flows into the Black Sea. It’s an uncertain, troubled place, just like the minds of the relatives on a vacation in the Delta, as they stay awake through the night.
(IN)CORRECT juggles with the fantasies and desires of two different generations. Remembering common memories seems to be the solution to being together. But what if we don’t remember the same things?

is part of the directing trilogy entitled Collage created by Leta Popescu, along with (IN)CREDIBLE staged at the Timişoara National Theatre and (IN)VISIBLE at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.

“The Collage directing project took place between 2018–2020, although my interest in the collage of texts and stage images had emerged earlier, with the production of Fluorescent Proteins (2016, Reactor de creație și experiment, text by Alexandra Pâzgu). In recent years, I have taken the time to delve into and revisit those theatrical mechanisms that have been recurring in my performances. It occured to me at one point (as it is an idea that still stands today) that the poetry of the theatre does not lie in the created image by hiding its specific mechanisms, but lies precisely in its mechanisms. All three performances are based on paradoxes of vulnerability, on the conflicts inherent to human nature. There is an overlap of planes in all of them, either on the dramaturgical level, or on the level of the staging. I collated contemporary Romanian authors in Timișoara (Peca Ștefan, Mihaela Michailov, and Elise Wilk), poems written by Romanian or Hungarian authors at the Hungarian Theatre, and the family stories of the creative team at Reactor Cluj. And that's because I'm interested in our current and immediate present, the here and now. For me, the significance of this trilogy remains hidden in what is still undiscovered, undeveloped. And that makes me search again and again in my attempt to redefine, perhaps, the means of theatre as such."

Leta Popescu

Leta Popescu (b. 1989, Galați) has been active on the Romanian stage since 2013. In her performances, she approaches topical themes without turning them into a militant type of theatre, or that which serves a certain thesis. She tries to detect the vibrations of the world she inhabits with her creative team, she creates her own laboratories concerning directing, she shapes an attitude column in the Scena.ro magazine where she challenges to a dialogue the practitioners of Romanian theatre, she is part of the Reactor de creaţie şi experiment’s artistic team, she works on her PhD thesis entitled The Functions and Dysfunctions of the Repertory Theatre, and believes that humanity plays tricks on all ideologies. She has staged productions at the national theaters located in Cluj, Craiova, Târgu Mureș, Timișoara, at the Figura Theatre of Gheorgheni, and the Gong Theatre of Sibiu. She works simultaneously at Reactor-Cluj, Fabrica de pensule, Zug.zone, Teatru3G-Târgu Mureș, Replika-Bucharest. She is interested in the dramaturgy of contemporary Romanian and Hungarian-language authors, but she also dramatizes prose/poetry from the same sources. Among the dramatic authors she collaborated with are: Elise Wilk, Alexa Băcanu, Nicoleta Esinencu, Peca Ștefan, Mihaela Michailov.
Leta Popescu has directorial projects, the most recent being the Collage trilogy which includes (IN)VISIBLE at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, (IN)CREDIBLE at the Timișoara National Theatre, (IN)CORRECT at Reactor de creaţie şi experiment Cluj. Another one of her directorial projects is From the Prose to the Actual Performance, a project in which contemporary Romanian authors are dramatized and which has resulted so far in the following productions: End (prose by Florin Lăzărescu), Poker (Bogdan Coșa), Ghinga (Dan Coman).


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