Drama Theater (Kurgan, Russia)
November 29 12:00 - Horizons

Duration: 1h 30'
In Russian with Romanian subtitles.
Available until: 29 Nov., 8 pm
Age recommendation: 16+

Grandmother: Liubovi Savina
Semion: Serghey Radikov
Olea: Irina Shalimova
Tolea:Vladimir Rahmanov
Lyosha: Ivan Drobysh
Sasha: Mihail Baykalov


Parents and children quarrel, husbands and wives clash with each other, families and countries go to war. But the fiercest fights take place in the kitchen, because this is the place here the quarrels take place between the people who are closest to each other.
The viewer is not merely an eyewitness to the life where love is sometimes more frightening than hate. Everyone can imagine themselves as the child whose room door is the threshold beyond which the adults are fighting. A fragile world cracking along its seams.
The space of the performance - is just like a torn tablecloth set on the family table, where everyone pulls the child towards them, forgetting about the child himself.
In this context, the director has created a world where the little boy is placed outside of our line of sight, outside the walls of the home that has been turned upside down. All we hear is that he's playing in his room at one moment, while in the next he is hiding somewhere, away from his parents' fight.
In the largest city, at a noisy intersection, we can accidentally run into a person close to our hearts, while in the narrow corridor, our eyes do not meet those of our close relatives for years on end.


"The idea for the play "Bury Me behind the Baseboard", written based on a short story by Pavel Sanaev, was born during my studies at acting school. The main motif of the production is intergenerational friction. I tried to discover the most painful elements about the topic of both the artists envolved in the project, as well as the viewers. 
And this became the basis of the work: when the viewer is placed within the story, he will become part of what happens, people talk to him, without pathos or politics. This is a conversation about real, honest relationships."

Dmitry Akris

Dumitru Acriș

2012-2017: the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts GITIS, in Moscow, Russia, Theatre Directing Faculty, Theatrical Drama Directin specialty, in a class led by Professor Leonid HEYFETS
2010-2012: Master in Contemporary Theatre Directing at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, Chişinău, Dramatic Arts and Artistic Management Faculty
2000-2004: Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chişinău, Dramatic Arts and Artistic Management Faculty, specialty: Theatre and Cinema Actor.
2000-2012: Actor at the "Luceafărul" Republican Theatre, Chişinău
2007: Honorary Title "Master of Arts"

Theatre Roles:
Zvezdich in Lermontov's "Masquerade",  Yang Sun in Brecht's "The Good Person of Szechwan",  Romeo in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", Mack the Knife in Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera", Calaf in C. Gozzi's "Turandot", Puiu Faranga in Rebreanu's "Ciuleandra",  Gayev in Cheknov's "The Cherry Orchard", etc.

Staged performances as director:
2014: "The Storm" by A. Ostrovsky, "Tony Bulandra" Theatre of Târgovişte, Romania,
The performance was included in the "Bomb" International Theatre Festival, Seoul, South Korea.
2015: "The Mother" by M. Gorky, Laboratory 39, GITIS, Moscow, Russia,
Grand-Prix, Best Theatre Performance at the Твой Шанс International Theatre Festival, Moscow, Russia
2016 "White Nights" by F. M. Dostoevsky, Laboratory 39, GITIS, Moscow, Russia.
"Best Female Role" Award, for actress Hristina Poluyanova, at the "Babel FAST" International Theatre Festival, Târgovişte, Romania
„Ward No. 6" by A. P. Chekhov, "Tony Bulandra" Theatre, Târgovişte, Romania,
Included in the "Bomb" International Theatre Festival, Seoul, South Korea in 2018, and the Trabzon International Theatre Festival, Turkey.
2017: "Morphine" by M. A. Bulgakov, at the Kurgan Drama Theatre, Russia,
Long list of the "Golden Mask" National Award, Russi
"Best Actor" Award for I. Drobysh, at the "Babel" International Theatre Festival, Târgovişte, Romania
"Kamerata" International Theatre Festival, Russia,
"Mother Courage" by B. Brecht, Pevtsov Theatre, Moscow, Russia,
Barnaul Theatre Festival, Russia
2018: "God Rides a Bicycle" by I. Vasikovskaya at the Berezniki Drama Theatre, Permy, Russia.
Лучший Актерский Ансамбль Award at the Кolyada Plays International Theatre Festival, Yekaterinburg, Russia,
"Artmigration" Festival of the Most Representative Theatre Performances of Young Directors, Moscow, Russia
"LEAR" by W. Shakespeare, at the Drama Theatre in Kurgan, Russia
Long List "Golden Mask" Russia
"13938" (Чёрная Колыма by I. Salahov) at the УГОЛ Theatre, with the participation of the actors from the "Kamala" Theatre, Kazani, Republic of Tatarstan,
"Cancer Ward" by A. I. Solzhenitsyn at the "Центр Драматургии и Режиссуры" Theatre, Moscow, Russia.
"I'm Women" by Ana Daud and Dmitry Akrish, London, UK
Best Performance Award, Audience Award at the Avignon International Theatre Festival, France
Included in the Edinburgh Theatre Festival, Scotland, "SOLO" International Theatre Festival, Moscow, Russia
2019 "Janna" by Y. Pulinovich, at the North Theatre, Satu-Mare, Romania,
Included in the FNT, Bucharest, Romania.
"Faust" by W. Goethe, Ryazan Drama Theatre, Russia,
Long List "Golden Mask", Russia
Award for Best Soundtrack, (D. Acriş)
"Best Leading Role" (В. Рыжков)
"Best Acting Duo" (Н.Паламожных, Р. Горбачев) at the Зеркало Сцены Theatre Festival, Russia
Included in the "High Fest" International Theatre Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, in 2019
"Fathers and Sons" by I. Turgenev, Berezniki Drama Theatre, Permy, Russia.
„Наизнанку" by M. Osarina and Т. Оsina, at the "V. Mayakovsky" Drama Theatre in Norilsk, Russia
National Gold Mask Award 2020

Best Drama
Best Director - Dumitru Acriş
Best Scenography - Dumitru Acriş
Best Actress - Lyubovi Savina

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