George Banu: Obiecte rănite [Wounded objects]

Book launch
November 20 11:00 - TIFF House

George Banu: Obiecte rănite [Wounded Objects]

Nemira Publishing, 2022

TIFF House

I have always cherished old things, used things, things marked by the passage of time and human events. I think of my own self this way, as something much handled, much knocked about, as worn and polished with use and abuse. – wrote the famous Henry Miller.

In the same vein, George Banu gathers here the used things from his apartment, which testify to the passage of time and reveal themselves in all their frailty. They expose their wounds, forcing us to look at them with the same tenderness we have towards defenseless beings. Cracked statues, damaged paintings, shattered works...

Neither destroyed nor restored, but still alive.

Wounded objects initiate a personal dialogue with the one who loves and looks at them. Let us be close to them, because they are like partners who ask us for help and, like a mirror, reflect our own wounds. Wounded objects, wounded souls.


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