Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre (Subotica, Serbia)
November 20 20:00 - Horizons

Duration: 1 h 17’
In Hungarian with Romanian and English subtitles.
Available until: 21 Nov., 12 pm
Age recommendation: 16+

Márta Béres
Ágota Szilágyi
Kinga Mezei
Elek Mikes Imre
Árpád Mészáros
Gábor Mészáros

Directed by ANDRÁS URBÁN
Costumes: "While we are awake, we don't pick."
Choregraphy: Marin Jaramazović
Vocal coach: Irena Kovačev
Coproduced by: MASZK Association 
Financed by: National Cultural Fund of Hungary

"A performance, which is increasingly current, day by day. Performance about us and about them. And an interesting basic question: what do I - as the citizen of a given country - fear?... It's something worth talking about..."

András Urbán

Urbán András

I was born on October 4, 1970, in Zenta. At the age of seventeen, I founded an independent theatre and literary workshop in my hometown, where I worked as an author, director, and actor. Later, with the help of my friends, I created the AIOWA group, which sees theatre as a specific ideological action, including all artistic branches. After graduating from high school and completing my compulsory military service, I was admitted to the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 1990, specializing in directing at the Theatre Department, in the class of professor and film director Vlatko Gilić. I studied film and theatre directing, while working as a director at the National Theatre in Subotica. In the first half of the 1990s, I interrupted my studies and theatrical work for a while, as I retired for several years. I worked occasionally, but kept away from the public eye. I merely thought about the theatre. After five years, I continued my studies in directing, in the class of Boro Drašković, from which I graduated in 2000. I started directing at the Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre in Subotica, but I also performed at the András Urbán Company, which was founded with the support of the MASZK, in Szeged. I have been the general manager of the Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre since May 25, 2006, and I also direct. Both at home and abroad. I am the father of two intelligent children.


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