Hungarian Theatre of Cluj (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
November 26 20:00 - Horizons

Duration: 3h 15'
In Hungarian with Romanian and English subtitles.
Available until: 27 Nov., 12 pm
Age recommendation: 16+

Johannes Rosmer: Balázs Bodolai
Rebecca West: Éva Imre
Beate: Rita Sigmond 
Kroll: Miklós Bács 
Mrs Helseth: Gizella Kicsid 

Text adaptation: Andriy Zholdak
Set design: Andriy Zholdak, Daniel Zholdak
Costume design: Daniel Zholdak
Assistant for text and dramaturgy: Ioana Mălău
Music and sound design: Vladimir Klykov
Light design: Andriy Zholdak
Director's assistant: Noémi Vajna, Kinga Kovács
Assistant of set designer (production): Tibor Tenkei 
Assistant of costumes and props: Ilona Lőrincz

Stage manager: Ágota Tatár

"Nobody can escape from their own sins. Our actions are lurking from behind the door, are hidden in the ashes of the fire-place, they look back at us from our own reflection in the window. We may talk, or stay quiet, the awareness of our sins hangs on us as a soaked jacket. How could we encounter each other without sensing a constant smell of mold? We attempt to open the windows and air out all that draws us back. We mop the floors, burn the anticipation. We shout in order to chase away benevolent and evil spirits. We run until we are out of breath, out of thought. Then we carry our mate – the person we love  just like a sack, in order to absolve them as well.Death to all those things that thwarts lovers from meeting. This is Rebecca. She destroys Rosmersholm.
All this, just to be able to meet the man of her choice. Without regrets... But there is neither forgetting, nor escape for someone who is running from his or her own conscience. At Rosmersholm, in God's great house, she and Rosmer are the original couple, who have lost their innocence and who are doomed to forever be persecuted. Without faith and confidence, but in love, they are struggling like two birds who faced death. Constantly on the brink of giving up. Broken-winged birds. Kroll is merely God's wand, who tries to bring them back under the Heavenly Father's rule, reminding them that although one can escape, one can never truly hide."

Ioana Mălău

National Theatre Festival, Bucharest, 2017
Reflex International Theatre Festival, Sfantu Gheorghe, 2018
Vígszínház, Budapest, 2018
National Theatre Reunion, Pécs, Hungary, 2018
Theater Olympics, Saint Petersburg, 2019

National Theatre Festival, Pécs, Hungary, 2018:
Best performance
Best actress (Éva Imre)
Best set design (Andriy Zholdak, Daniel Zholdak)



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