BOOK LAUNCH - Camil Petrescu Cultural Foundation

November 29 11:00 - TIFF House
Anthology by Florica Ichim and Irina Zlotea
The "Camil Petrescu" Cultural Foundation, Cheiron Publishing House

Dedicated to director Cătălina Buzoianu, the volume is part of the Galeria Teatrului Românesc/the Gallery of Romanian Theatre series, edited by the “Camil Petrescu” Cultural Foundation, which includes monograph studies and extensive interviews with and by actors, directors, set designers, composers – the artists who have defined over time the history of Romanian theatrical life.
Without claiming to capture the fervor with which the director has accompanied her artistic journey, the volume is the result of a rigorous research endeavor, gathering theatrical analyses of her work, creative testimonies, the interviews that the book’s protagonist has given throughout her life, in an attempt to outline an idea concerning her theatrical conception, as well as her pedagogical method.
At the same time, the book has an extensive iconography of her productions,thus becoming a document that keeps alive the work of the one for whom the theatre was everything, having the ability to be born everywhere.

Ana Maria Narti
"Camil Petrescu" Cultural Foundation, literary supplement of the Teatrul Azi magazine, Cheiron Publishing House

Ana Maria Narti does not present a collection of recipes to be used for productions based on ancient texts. On the contrary, she believes that every ancient text is a living universe that grows from one reading to the next and changes according to its reader. What she proposes as an active approach is a stage-oriented analysis, one that seeks out the spoken word, and life within the voice, real movement, and communication from one body to the next, the one that is meant to rediscover the concrete aspects of the text.

Theatrical Anthology by Florica Ichim and Ada Maria Ichim
"Camil Petrescu" Cultural Foundation, Cheiron Publishing House

He has staged great productions, such as Anouilh's The Lark, Hochhuth's The Vicar, Büchner's Woyzeck, Mrożek's Tango, Shakespeare's King Lear, Gogol's The Government Inspector, and many more, while at the same time being an exceptional teacher. Radu Penciulescu guided young generations both in the country and abroad (Stockholm, Malmö, Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, etc.): director Andrei Şerban states: “I got a taste of how to question everything from him, he was the one who taught us not to believe in anything that corresponds to an a priori formula, but to verify everything through action, and experience. Later, it turned out that without an active thinking, which is born and based on instinct, without the intuition of intelligence, one cannot create anything in the theatre... Together with us, the students, he created a sort of elite reunion in class, and alongside him, we became researchers in search of new forms, sometimes in search of the impossible.”
We wanted the volume to contain as many defining elements of his theatrical work as possible, many texts that depict the practitioner's experience, but also the teacher's way of thinking, together with many other valuable materials.
The book also contains a photographic album of images of the productions the great director, the “master of masters”, has staged over time, as well as a comprehensive list of the plays he directed.

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