William Shakespeare: MEASURE FOR MEASURE

Cheek by Jowl, United Kingdom & Moscow Art Drama Theatre Pushkin, Russia
November 29 19:00 - Main Hall - Tickets
1h 50’ without intermission

Duke: Alexander Arsentyev
Escalus: Iurii Rumiantcev
Angelo: Andrei Kuzichev
Lucio: Alexander Feklistov
Claudio: Kiryl Dytsevich
Provost: Alexander Matrosov
Executioner: Ivan Litvinenko
Elbow: Nikolay Kislichenko
Barnardine: Igor Teplov
Pompey / Friar Peter: Alexey Rakhmanov
Isabella: Anna Khalilulina
Mariana / Mistress Overdone: Elmira Mirel
Juliet / Francisca: Anastasia Lebedeva


Set designer: Nick Ormerod
Costume designer: Nick Ormerod
Music: Pavel Akimkin
Choreographer: Irina Kashuba
Translation: Osiya Soroka

Measure for Measure is about life in the modern city, where we can be completely lost and also found. It is about corruption – not only within the state, but our own capacity to be corrupt.
At the centre of the play is the Duke, Vincentio, trapped in and overwhelmed by the unruly city he has to govern, but cannot. In a way, he is the city. He doesn’t know himself and is frightened of what may lie around dark unexplored corners. The Duke admires the morally perfect Angelo and places him in control as his deputy, while he pretends to go abroad. But then the Duke returns disguised as a friar to see his city from the other side of the microscope – it is as if he is discovering himself at the same time. But power teaches Angelo that he doesn’t know himself at all well. With a beautiful young virgin pleading on her knees, he discovers that he is not above other men and he bargains with her: her brother’s life, in return for sex.
There then follows a taut thriller with dramatic repercussions, which is even more outrageous today than when it was first performed.

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