The New Tenant and Diary of a Madman – “Bucharest” day

At 10 am at the TIFF House, Gábor Tompa, András Visky, Robert Woodruff and Carmencita Brojboiu took part in a discussion centering around Caravaggio Terminal. The uncomfortable, unbearable Caravaggio appears in the performance as our contemporary, as a visual artist who “paints” with a camera or with a tattooing needle.


During a discussion with choreographer Josef Nadj, interviewers Gábor Tompa and András Visky were accompanied by theatre critic Marina Constantinescu, director of the National Theatre Festival. In her introduction, Constantinescu gave a deeply sensitive analysis of Josef Nadj’s career and life work. The artist’s vineyard in Kanjinza was mentioned at the end of the talk (“dialogue with the mountain through grapes”).


In the Studio built in the Main Hall, Nottara Theatre presented Ionesco’s The New Tenant, a production of the director of the festival, Gábor Tompa. It was a play about adaptation and about our inabiltiy to give up our memories as we continuously head toward the great, the everlasting relocation. And yet, what else remains with us besides our memories? It is a hard thought to accept, and this is the source of the comedy.


The production of the ArCuB Cultural Center from Bucharest, Diary of a Madman, was presented in the Studio. It was an exceptional performance, where humour and drama intertwined, as madness conjures up parallel worlds, overcoming the mind of the main hero who struggles with unhappiness and frustration.


The day closed with a concert at 11 pm where a great atmosphere was provided by the music band Best of Me, consisting of Szabolcs Balla, Károly Enyed, Lóránd Farkas, Áron Ferencz, Tibor Menyhárt, all members of the company of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.


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